Health Career Profiles

Paramedic/Emergency Medical Technician

Career Description

A Paramedic is often a first responder in the line of Health Care. A Paramedic provides medical care to patients en route to hospital. They assess patients and initiate pre-hospital medical care. There are different levels of Paramedics in Nova Scotia. Most commonly are the Primary Care Paramedic (PCP), the Advanced Care Paramedic (ACP), and the Critical Care Paramedic (CCP) who, in addition to the care administered by the PCP, can also administer medication, interpret 12-lead ECG’s and perform invasive treatments.

Academic and Licensing Requirements

All applicants will be required to go through an interview and testing session, and acceptance into the PCP program is based on how well an applicant does in the process.

  • Successful completion of the Primary Care Paramedicine program
  • Must be eligible for a Class 4 Driver’s license

This career is regulated by the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness. To work as a paramedic in Nova Scotia, an individual must register with and receive a certificate from Emergency Health Services.

Where to study in Nova Scotia