Health Career Profiles

Continuing Care Assistant

Career Description

Continuing Care Assistants provide vital services to people who need support in their daily activities. If you can see yourself helping an elderly person or someone facing life challenges because of a disability, accident or illness, you may find your passion as a Continuing Care Assistant.

As a CCA, your clients would depend on you to provide direct care for their safety and wellbeing, and to enrich their quality of life. You could be working in a nursing home or residential care facility, a private or group home, an acute care centre or hospital.

Often working on your own but as part of an overall care team, you would help clients to live as independently as possible. You would support their participation in meaningful activities, including social interaction and recreation.

Academic and Licensing Requirements

  • Successfully complete a CCA program at a licensed educational institution;
  • Pass the CCA Certification Exam

For details on the CCA Certification, go to

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