The Health Care Human Resource Sector Council (HCHRSC) deals with human resource planning and development within the Nova Scotia health sector.

By providing an objective focus in occupational and labour market analyses, sustaining collaborative linkages and performing research to understand developing health human resource challenges, we contribute to a viable, well trained health sector workforce.

We maintain close ties with health sector stakeholders such as employers, employees, industry organizations, regulatory bodies, educational institutions and government departments and related agencies. Our relationships with such a wide base of stakeholders allows the Sector Council on-going access to the expertise, ingenuity and guidance that helps us address the human resource issues of the sector.

Our Mandate

The Health Care Human Resource Sector Council is committed to working with the health care and community service sectors to contribute to a quality, sustainable human resource.

Our Mission

The Health Care Human Resource Sector Council promotes excellence in human resource innovation and builds capacity through collaboration with stakeholders.

Our Vision

A diverse and sustainable health and community services workforce.

Our Core Values

The Health Care Human Resource Sector Council is proud to not only claim, but to practice, a commitment to: integrity, excellence, diversity, innovation, partnership and cultural competency. We specialize in using evidence-based decision-making so that Integrity is integral to all we do. Excellence is demonstrated in the quality of results we produce. Whether it is Diversity of interests found in the health care sector, or diversity of employee populations, our research and programs respond to their needs. While Innovation is the driver of our many research initiatives, Partnerships through proactive stakeholder alliances is a key cornerstone of our success. Finally, by maintaining informed responses to the cultural needs of the sector, we sustain a vibrant Cultural Competency.

Strategic Direction

The Council began implementation of its 2015-2018 Strategic Plan this year. The strategic objectives were defined in early 2015 as a result of a vibrant and collaborative engagement with our stakeholder community that continues to grow and evolve.

Our focus is driven by these key strategic directions:

  1. Provide leadership in human resource innovation, research and knowledge transfer
  2. Promote a sustainable workforce through facilitation and collaboration
  3. Champion a diverse, culturally competent workforce